NJ Policemen Drive 650 Miles To SC To Return Dog To Owner

Mary Lou Lang Contributor
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Two policemen from Wall, N.J. drove 650 miles to return a dog to his home in South Carolina after promising a man in need of medical attention his dog would be get back to his family.

Wall Policeman Frank Kuhl responded to the call of a 34-year-old man from Myrtle Beach, S.C., who needed medical attention several weeks ago, according to a press release posted Tuesday on the Wall Police Department’s website.

The man was with his dog, Bella, whom he co-owned with a family member from South Carolina. Bella is a female basset hound.

The Monmouth County Humane Society agreed to take temporary custody of Bella until she could be released back to the man.

Unfortunately, after seven days Bella would be required to be put up for adoption.

Kuhl, who had promised the man Bella would get back to its family, then took it upon himself to ensure Bella’s safe return.

Kuhl contacted Bella’s other owner in Myrtle Beach, who said he could not make the trip to New Jersey to get Bella. He was distraught by not being able to make the trip, according to the police department.

Kuhl then started to make arrangements.

First he and his family took temporary custody of the dog from MCHS for two weeks so she would not be put up for adoption.

Then, Kuhl made arrangements himself to return Bella to Myrtle Beach.

Kuhl and Police Officer Michael Tancredit both took the trip to return Bella to her co-owners, and they were reunited last week.