Bernie Sanders Isn’t Stoked About DEA’s Decision Not To Reschedule Pot

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Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is not too stoked about the news the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) won’t be rescheduling marijuana.

The DEA announced it will not be rescheduling marijuana on Thursday, something Sanders thinks is a bit absurd. “People can argue about the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but everyone knows it’s not a killer drug like heroin,” he tweeted.

The DEA lists marijuana as a “Schedule I” drug. Meaning, at least according to the DEA, it has no medicinal value and is considered to be one of the most “dangerous drugs.” Other Schedule I drugs are heroin, LSD, meth and peyote.

While no one will argue the status of heroin, LSD, meth or peyote, plenty of people, doctors included, say marijuana certainly has medicinal value.

Sanders proposed the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act in November 2015, seeking to completely declassify marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and to treat it more like alcohol. The bill was ultimately, obviously, unsuccessful.

“Using established scientific standards that are consistent with that same FDA (Federal Drug Administration) drug approval process and based on the FDA’s scientific and medical evaluation, as well as the legal standards in the CSA, marijuana will remain a schedule I controlled substance,” a DEA letter to petitioners read.

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