CNN’s Cuomo Addresses The Claim He And The Rest Of The Media Give Clinton A ‘Pass’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo addressed the claim that he has given Hillary Clinton a “pass” and really wanted her to run for president, suggesting that “the media wanted her in the race because it would be a better race to cover.”

During a segment on CNN’s “New Day” on Thursday, Cuomo said, “To me, Trump has been very simple. Dealing with the aftermath of covering Trump is not simple. It’s frustrating. And I get why people like you, Brianna, who are out on the hustings with these guys on a regular basis, Katy Tur, I feel for her. That would be hard to be in that crowd.”

[dcquiz] “I know what it’s like to have Trump people be against you. I’m OK with it,” Cuomo said. “Because I feel like look, if you test somebody about what they say, that’s your job. You get into it, Trump is going to make it hard for you, he’s going to make it hard for you afterwards. Clinton is going to make it very hard for you. Nobody ducks a question the way Clinton does.”

“And I don’t means that that as a compliment necessarily, but that’s your job and what they answer and don’t answer, people can judge,” Cuomo said. “The problem is there is perception out there that we favor the Democrats. When Hillary Clinton was getting ready to run and Trump was getting ready to run, I said on the show, ‘Man, we’re doing Clinton’s work for her, boy. The media is like begging her to run you know, so she better do it already.’

“People said, ‘Oh you see, you’re giving her a pass.’ No, I was saying the media wanted her in the race because it would be a better race to cover. We did the same thing with Trump. But people’s tendencies are, ‘You’re bunch of lefties, and that means you are not going to do Trump what — you won’t do to Clinton what you’re doing to Trump,'” Cuomo said.

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