Karl Rove Breaks Out The White Board To Explain How Trump Can Win [VIDEO]

Fox News

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove broke out a whiteboard to breakdown Donald Trump’s recent poll troubles on Fox & Friends Thursday.

“In the recent polls, in the Real Clear Politics Average, he’s down nine,” he told host Steve Doocy. “But we’ve got a little bit of weirdness going on here.”

Karl Rove breaks out the white board (Fox News)

Karl Rove breaks out the white board (Fox News)

“In the Marist poll that’s just out, he’s down by 11 — on the 10th of July he was down by nine, but in the Q poll out today he’s down 10, but in the middle of July he was actually up 2,” the former Bush senior advisor explained.

“Now that might’ve been because back in July they were interviewing registered voters, like the Marist did in both of its polls, but in the Aug poll Q interviewed likely voters,” he continued. “So a change in the methodology will start here in August and sept starting to look at pools of likely voters instead of registered voters or adults.”

Karl Rove explains a 'change in methodology' (Fox News)

Karl Rove explains a ‘change in methodology’ (Fox News)

Finally, Rove pointed out the importance of winning Pennsylvania.

“If he takes the states Mitt Romney won, plus Florida plus Ohio, wins Pennsylvania, he’s president of the United States.”

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