Reporter Asks Prince Fielder Insanely Awkward Question About Lou Gehrig [VIDEO]

Prince Fielder (Credit: Getty Images/Ronald Martinez)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Texas Rangers player Prince Fielder announced his retirement from Major League Baseball Wednesday due to injuries, and one reporter asked if he now understood what Lou Gehrig went through.

Fielder took questions after announcing his retirement when he was asked if he “sort of understands what Lou Gehrig was going through in his famous speech.”


Calling the look on Fielder’s face a look of astonishment would be an understatement.

The big-time MLB slugger had to retire because he had two cervical fusions in the past two seasons, and doctors told Fielder that his playing days were over. (SLIDESHOW: These Barely Clothed Women Love Baseball)

Gehrig gave a legendary speech when he retired in 1939 after being diagnosed with ALS. (SLIDESHOW: Derek Jeter’s New Wife Loves Showing Off Skin)


One of the most ridiculous questions asked in recent memory for sure.

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