This Is The Worst Motorcycle Wreck We’ve Ever Seen — PSA For Road Safety [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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22-year-old Lewis Clark was killed in a recent motorcycle crash on the Isle of Man.

His mother released footage of the horrific incident to raise awareness for road safety.


“Think not just about yourselves, but about the other riders on the road too. Have fun, but please don’t do anything that would put your own or anyone else’s life at risk,” Clark’s mother says in the video. “I wouldn’t want anyone to have to begin the journey we are already on.”

“Think of your loved ones,” she continues. “Don’t cause them to get that visit from the police. My family is now broken. You need to keep yours intact. Please, please, please keep safe on the roads. Please remember to check and double check. Don’t take risks. I miss my son so much.”

RIP, Lewis.

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