‘Homeland’ Will Mix Hillary, Trump For Its President In Season 6

Brandon Katz Contributor

Real-life events often inspire entertainment, which is why “Homeland” will be borrowing heavily from the presidential election when it returns for a sixth season in November. In this instance, the viewers will see “a little Hillary, a little Donald, and a little Bernie Sanders.”

“If you listen to Donald Trump, he says there there are these people that run the government from administration to administration and they have completely screwed the world up over the last 25 years, so I think there’s part of that in our president-elect– – who is skeptical of the people that have gotten us into the mess that we’re in,” executive producer Alex Gansa said at a TCA event, via Entertainment Weekly. “I think there’s a little bit of Bernie in terms of the more progressive agenda, and then there’s a little bit of Hillary in terms of just being a pragmatists and looking at the world as she sees it from the inside. Also, our new president happens to be from New York, she’s a junior senator, so there’s a little bit of Hillary obviously in that.”

Season six of the hit Showtime drama will take pace in New York between election Day and the inauguration. It will touch on real-life issues such as the Iran nuclear deal, the viewpoint of Muslim Americans and intelligence agencies bringing the incoming president up to speed.

“We heard some fascinating anecdotes about the transition during the Obama administration, when Obama came into office and what that period looked like between election and inauguration day,” Gansa continued. “This season will be about educating a new president and what the intelligence agency’s responsibility is in terms of making this new person aware of the dangers of the world.”

Season 6 of “Homeland” is scheduled to debut on Jan. 15.