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Sydney Leathers Says Husband of ‘Loser’ Huma Still Sexting

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Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Is Carlos Danger at it again, potentially short-circuiting the Clinton campaign?

Sydney Leathers, the woman who imploded Anthony Weiner’s 2013 campaign by revealing he was sexting her under the name “Carlos Danger,” told Page Six late Wednesday afternoon that Mr. Huma Abedin is doing the same kind of thing again with a new virtual object of his affections.

The unidentified lady contacted her for advice but Leathers, who feels she was slut-shamed when her own name came to light, advised the woman against going public.

“She was thinking about talking to press,” Leathers claimed to Page Six. “I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that,’ which would surprise people but it was like, ‘look what happened to me. It will impact future employment, relationships with friends and families.'”

Of course, given that Abedin is one of Hillary’s closest aides if the woman goes public with her claims that could be one more PR nightmare for the Clinton campaign.

Leathers claims to have vetted her new gal pal, who allegedly talked to Weiner on Skype and Facebook.

“Initially, I didn’t believe it was legit,” she said. But the messages came from the same “Facebook he used when he contacted me. This was the end of May. From what I gathered, they Skype. It’s Anthony Weiner, he’s not asking about the weather. [For me] he kept the vanilla stuff on Facebook and used ‘Carlos Danger’ for the other stuff.”

Leathers spoke to the New York Post’s famed gossip section after her vitriolic review of “Weiner” about the 2013 campaign was published on Washington Babylon. She said Abedin was a “loser” for staying with his virtually cheating spouse.

“Huma stayed after the first scandal. She stayed after the second. And his behavior will continue.”

“I’ve read speculation that Huma only stays with Weiner because she’s Muslim, as if you have to be Muslim to stay with a cheating husband. Is Hillary Clinton Muslim too? No, this has nothing to do with her religion and everything to do with her ambition. She’s taking a page out of Mrs. Clinton’s handbook.”

“Some people think I’m the loser in this situation, but the real loser is Huma. She’s the one married to this guy. It’s amusing to listen to her fundraising calls for him where it’s clear that their marriage is more about business than it is about love. (Or sex, of which it seems apparent they have very little judging from the obvious lack of intimacy between the two in the movie.)”