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This Week In Gun News: Media Fabricates Trump Comment, Obama Frees Gun Criminals, Shooter Terrorist Dad Supports Hillary

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Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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The Media Double-Standard in Two Stories

By now, the left-wing media’s distortion of Trump’s Second Amendment comments will have been blasted out all across the fruited plain. Never mind that he was referring to the well-documented power that NRA members and supporters have at the polls, the media knew that it wanted to push – and pushed it. However, the father of the Orlando terrorist visited a Hillary Clinton rally and endorsed Hillary Clinton. Which do you think should have been the bigger deal? I’d say the pro-Taliban father of a jihadi endorsing Hillary should not have gotten 25% of the coverage of Trump’s joke.

Yeah, we know what side the media’s on. It ain’t the Second Amendment’s.

A Case Study of Who Obama Let Loose

Last week, we mentioned that Obama had released 56 people who were in prison for violating gun laws that were already on the books. Now, we have details of one of those released, thanks to a Washington Times report. Meet Richard Reid, a two-time loser who was caught in 2007 with a lot of crack cocaine, two handguns, and ammo for other firearms. Reid got a 25-year sentence for that bust – and Obama turned him loose.

Just being a felon in possession of two handguns in violation of 18 USC 922(a) would have netted Reid ten years in the slammer under 18 USC 924. That’s a gun law nobody objects to. So why would Obama release the very definition of an armed career criminal after serving less than 40% of his sentence? Why is it that he’s so eager to ban AR-15s, but won’t use laws already on the books to put armed criminals away?

Charity Gun Raffle Shot Down

The United Way of Otero County, New Mexico was planning to raffle a number of firearms as prizes as part of their fundraising. Hey, supporting a charity with a chance to win some cool guns? What’s not to like about it? Well, enter Miranda Viscoli, the head of New Mexicans Against Gun Violence, and a board member of a different United Way group. That which not only used her pull to get the main United Way organization to order the termination of the fundraiser, she sicced the ATF on the raffle. The ATF later reported that the planned raffle complied with all federal, state, and local laws.

Sadly, it may be too late for those that would have been helped by the funds that would have been raised by that raffle. Ms. Viscoli’s intolerance of gun owners has now hurt the people she allegedly wants to help. Maybe she should lose her job at United Way – since it’s obvious that gun-grabbing is a bigger passion for her.

How Much Does the Presidency Matter?

How much do you, as a gun owner or potential gun owner, think about the U.S. Department of State – Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC)? Well, guess what, that agency you never heard of, may have just made it harder for you to get your gun repaired. How? They have passed new regulations that declare that gunsmiths are mow manufacturers. Now, to stay within the law, the gunsmiths must pay over $2,000 a year to register with this agency, even if they do not export anything. Tell me that this isn’t an effort to make it harder to find a qualified technician to repair your firearms, gun-grabbers. Just try it.

It’s Not Just Background Checks

Michael Bloomberg has taken to using his billions of dollars to pass so-called “universal background checks” via state referendum. But is it really just about background checks? In the Lewiston Sun Journal, David Trahan, the Executive Director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, takes a look at one referendum, and found it went much further. In essence, loaning a friend a firearm would require a trip to the gun store to fill out a 4473 and go through a NICS check. And when the friend wants to return the gun, the same process gets repeated.

Now, what’s the big deal about the NICS check? Well, remember last week, we found out ATF was illegally hoarding info on gun owners? How do you think they get some of that info? The NICS checks. They can’t get registration the honest way, now they’re gonna try and sneak it past us.

Brazil – Bad Guys With Guns Despite Strict Gun Laws

Over this past weekend in Rio de Janeiro, a bus with some reporters on board was caught in the middle of a gunfight. This is despite the fact that Brazil has very strict gun laws, including a minimum age of 25, and they have to demonstrate a need for the firearm (much less to actually carry it for self-defense). The Brazilian government has also been denying applications for licenses to own firearms on self-defense, claiming that policing is sufficient and efficient. Then why is it that the United States, which respects the Second Amendment, and where every state allows some form of concealed carry, had 11,961 homicides in all of 2014, compared to Brazil’s 58,497? Seems like Brazil proves gun control doesn’t work.

Why “May Issue” Laws Suck

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie moved to make it easier to get a concealed carry permit by loosening the state’s interpretation of the “justifiable needs” provision. But gun-grabbers who dominate the state legislature are trying to stop the new regulations from taking effect. This is why “may issue” laws, especially those that require a person to “demonstrate the need” for a carry permit, suck. They are two lies in one – they don’t protect the general public from armed criminals, and all too often, the theoretical “discretionary issue” provisions usually turn out to be a “no issue” provision in reality.

Harold Hutchison