RANK SEGREGATION: Fancypants College Fights ‘Systemic Oppression’ With Racial Dorm Ghettos

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Fancypants Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts is fighting racism by allowing students to segregate themselves by race — and sexuality — in neo-Jim Crow dorms.

Hampshire refers to the literally segregated dorms as “identity-based housing communities,” reports Campus Reform.

The racial ghettos at the expensive private school — where a single year of tuition, fees and room and board costs $63,512 — “strive to counter systemic oppression” by fencing off minorities in special housing units, according to school administrators.

“These residential spaces give support to members of our community with social identities that have been historically marginalized in this country,” the Hampshire website says. The website notes that the idea behind the system of rank segregation is to be “socially just” and “inclusive.”

“Identity-based housing is an institutional structure designed to assist members of historically oppressed groups in supporting each other,” an informational booklet about the segregated housing explains.

“Creating these safe spaces, in collaboration with centers on campus, will benefit the entire community,” the booklet explains.

Hampshire has chosen to herd self-selecting members of minority groups into segregated dorms because “institutional structures” — residence hall arrangements apparently notwithstanding — have “privileged some social groups while systematically disadvantaging and disenfranchising others.”

“Even as we struggle to end these practices, we recognize that day-to-day life for members of these disadvantaged groups can be hurtful and exhausting.”

Hampshire’s segregated dorms — called “mods” — include segregated sections for “students of color,” “women of color,” Asian students and students who believe they are involved in something called the “Pan-Afrikan Diaspora.” There’s also special segregated housing called “LGBTQQIAAP.” That’s one big segregated dorm for lesbians, gay people, bisexual people, transgender people, pansexual people, etc. — and, of course, their self-declared allies.

Hampshire’s “identity-based housing communities” are part of a broader movement at the school to separate people. It’s called “intentional housing communities.” There’s “Greenhouse Mod,” for example, which is for learning about environmental sustainability. There’s also “Spiritual Womyn’s Mod,” “Women’s Empowerment Mod,” “Kosher Mod” and “Middle Eastern Immersion Mod.”

Hampshire College is an atrociously ugly, radical left-wing dump. Academically, there are no majors and no grades. The campus is basically an ode to prison-esque architectural style — filled with loathsome, inhuman edifices.

The expensive private bastion is most famous, of course, as the academic home of Trigglypuff, the legendary and girthy student who was captured on mobile phone video stridently protesting at a University of Massachusetts Amherst event about — ironically enough — the lunacy of political correctness and social justice warriors. The event, called “The Triggering,” featured feminist Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos. (RELATED: The 13 Most Rabidly Leftist, Politically Correct Colleges For Dirty, Tree-Hugging Hippies)

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