Is Leftist Journalism Assassinating American Democracy?

John Paul Shimek Vatican Journalist
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Donald J. Trump ‘short-circuited’ a reference to constitutional law and order, the balance of power, voter enfranchisement, and the rights enshrined in America’s third greatest milestone of liberty, the Bill of Rights.

If those upholding the second amendment rally in opposition to Hillary Clinton in November by electing Donald Trump, they will end her campaign against gun rights. And that will be a ‘horrible’ day for Clinton and her supporters. But if they fail to do so, and she does succeed Barack Obama as our next Commander in Chief, they might yet succeed in shutting down her judicial appointment if they can seat enough people in the US Congress to represent their interests. That might prove a still more ‘horrible’ day for an over-enthusiastic President Hillary Clinton.

That’s how American democracy works.

Apparently, the left and the liberal news media don’t get that, however. To hear them tell the story, Trump wasn’t ‘short-circuiting’ a reference to the architecture of American freedom, he was blowing a dog whistle in the ears of some fringe nutcase with a gun. (They probably think that anyone with a gun is a potential assassin.)

According to many pundits on the left, Trump’s words are dangerous and constitute a call to arms. On Fox News’ Outnumbered, Geraldo Rivera described them as a “brain fart.” Other pundits were more stringent, labeling Trump himself as a “threat to democracy.”

There is a real threat to democracy in this year’s presidential race to the White House. But it isn’t Donald Trump.

Sure. Someone somewhere in some unknown future might possibly misconstrue Trump’s words as an unwitting endorsement under certain circumstances to carry out some unnamed threat against Hillary or some other unidentified individual. Yet, the words of any politician have the potential to fall on the ears of some psychologically deranged individual to dangerous effect. Freedom of speech in America has never been without its risks.

To Trump’s left in the Clinton campaign, a photograph has emerged showing Omar Mateen’s father seated behind Hillary during a routine stump speech. One DNC apparatchik showed up dead after e-mails posing an existential threat to Hillary’s bid for her party’s nomination surfaced in the opening hours of her convention. Some see more than an accidental relationship between that corpse and the pin poked into one of Hillary’s convention balloons.

Yet, the liberal media insists that there’s nothing to see. It is all merely coincidental. Only conspiracy theorists see something worth exploring. The real job in journalism is to pounce on Trump’s inexperience, infelicity with words, and shoot-from-the-hip personality.

They’d rather twist his words, exploit his missteps, and draw conspiracy theories of their own. More importantly, they’d rather do that than plumb his recent economic speech.

Let’s be clear. The threat to our democracy in this election is leftist journalism hell bent on electing their favorite candidate to the highest office in the land. They’d rather skirt the tough questions surrounding Clinton and aim for the cheap shots against Trump.