Milwaukee Police Face Another Night Of Violence

Milwaukee police/REUTERS

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Milwaukee Metropolitan Police Department reported Sunday night that shots were fired at Sherman and Burleigh, the site where an officer fatally shot an armed suspect on Saturday triggering a citywide riot Saturday night. According to police, a shooting victim was later rescued on 3000 North Sherman.

According to police, a crowd threw rocks and other objects at officers who were on the scene Saturday night. One officer needed medical treatment after a thrown rock smashed the windshield of a squad car.

Local law enforcement reported that a gathering around the area was considered to be an unlawful assembly and told the crowd to disburse immediately or face arrest.

The city of Milwaukee is still cleaning up after looters and rioters took to the streets Saturday night and robbed, vandalized and burned down businesses when news broke that an MPD police officer shot and killed Sylville Smith, a black male with a lengthy criminal record. It was later revealed on Sunday that the officer who shot Smith is also black. The incident was recorded on the officer’s body camera.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated 125 members of the National Guard to Milwaukee early Saturday, but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the guard would not be deployed unless necessary. As of 2 a.m. EST Monday morning, the guard had not been called in, law enforcement said.

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