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“This is never going to stop.”

Timothy Noah, Politico, opining on the latest Anthony Weiner debacle.

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WEINER’S TEXT THAT SET OFF WEEKEND MEDIA STORM: “Text and I’ll hit that location button thing,” He was talking to who he thought was a woman in LA.

And just some of the fallout…

“Don’t DM flirtatiously with who you believe to be young women on Twitter” — evidently still not a life rule Anthony Weiner cares to follow. — Michael Tracey, VICE columnist.

“Pervy McPervface caught again.” — TheBlaze‘s Dana Loesch.


Breitbart News reporter says he’s tired of winning

“The last 48 hours have made me tired of winning. But I know I still have to win some more.” — Breitbart News‘s Patrick Howley.

Facebook forces Jezebel contributor to resurrect memories of ex-hubby

“Woke up to a Facebook reminder that six years ago, on this very day, I married my ex-husband. I had forgotten the date, but cool! Looking forward to Facebook ushering me through misty watercolored memories of an unhappy marriage.” — Rachel Vorona Cote, contributor, Jezebel.

Journo can drink wine — fast! 

“Yeah well I can drink a glass of wine in under 11 seconds so that’s something I have going for me.” — Christine Rousselle, managing web editor, Townhall.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is compared to a mushroom 

“Chris hayes is a cute little mushroom man. I like how he sinks his head below his shoulders. This has been a #political #media #tweet.” — David Sims, senior associate editor of Culture for The Atlantic.

On coffee an reporters… 

“Nearly drank decaf coffee dear god.” — The Daily Beast‘s Kevin Fallon.

Forgotten cocaine-laden texts from the Gawker party 

Shachtman is executive editor of The Daily Beast. 

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Evergreen tweet

“What an enchanting scent of urine, sweat, and broken dreams you’ve concocted tonight, DC Metro.” — Yahoo! NewsOlivier Knox.

CNN’s Ana Navarro thought Trump Tower climber was attractive

“He’s young enough to be my son, but…..’Steve the Climber’ is kind of cute y’all.” — CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

Reader suggests Sam Stein should replace Arianna Huffington 

Liberal reader @Lepton939: “I think Sam Stein is the best reporter you have and his youth would bring vitality to org going forward.”

HuffPost D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim: “Little known fact: Sam is actually 62.”

Did someone say mirror? 

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NYT columnist attends weekend church service in praise of his dad 

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