TRAGEDY: ‘Gayest College In America’ Has Not Suppressed Anatomically Correct Singular Pronouns

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An Oberlin College student has taken to the page of the Washington Blade — the nation’s oldest newspaper specializing in news for gay people — to tell America why she “chose the gayest college in America” and why she is really sad that some students won’t stop using anatomically-correct pronouns.

The dedicated lesbian, Jesse Arnholz, says she chose famously politically correct, generally whiny Oberlin College — a 3,000-student student in college where a year of tuition, fees and room and board costs costs $66,602 — because she “needed to go somewhere very queer.”

She was “seduced by Oberlin’s history” as an enclave of progressivism, she explains in the 744-word exercise in navel-gazing.

“Of course, once I started school it became apparent that it was not the utopia I envisioned,” Arnholz — “a 6-foot-1 right side hitter” on Oberlin’s volleyball team — writes in disillusionment. “Structural and institutional racism, transphobia, ignorance, apathy and white privilege still lingered.”

And that’s not all — far from it!

Arnholz is also frustrated about the rampant use of anatomically-correct pronouns at Oberlin. (RELATED: Taxpayer-Funded University Instructs Students That Using The Wrong Pronouns Is ‘OPPRESSIVE’)

“Many of my trans and non-binary friends still struggle to feel comfortable on campus,” she declares. “Many of my friends who use they/them/theirs pronouns are still misgendered by close friends even after they announce their preferred gender pronouns.”

The underlying problem appears to be that these “close friends” occasionally lapse and let the words “he” or “she” escape their progressive lips.

“There is still so much work that the Oberlin-LGBT community needs to do,” the Oberlin student laments.

“I’ve been disappointed by the complacency of the white queer community and the often toxic-masculinity that many queer women and trans-masculine individuals have adopted.”

Still, there is reason for optimism.

“Midway through my freshman year, I realized I had no straight friends,” Arnholz declares with pride. That’s totally wonderful, she says.

Arnholz and her exclusively gay clique of friends “celebrate” their “queerness regularly.” They “have ‘queer beers’ every Tuesday night” for example and Arnholz has fallen madly in love with “a beautiful person” with a “tomboy look,” “baggy jeans,” “blue eyes” and “blonde hair.”

Despite the failure of students to use “preferred gender pronouns,” Arnholz believes she “chose the right college.”

On her Facebook page, Arnholz likes Oberlin HIV Peer Testing, Bernie Sanders, the Oberlin College Socialist Collective, and, of course, Shaun King. (RELATED: Black Lives Matter Activist Cites Brutality By COLLEGE-EDUCATED COPS To Demand College For Cops)

Oberlin is the alma mater of Lena Dunham and, somehow, Michelle Malkin. It’s also the professional home of finally-suspended, virulently anti-Semitic professor Joy Karega.

The school is most famous because Obama-loving leftist student Dylan Bleier and his sidekick Matt Alden allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus “for the shock value,” according to Bleier. Oberlin president Marvin Krislov called off school for a day and made a huge fuss, despite apparently knowing full well it was all a hoax. The Oberlin administration then exploited the hoax to implement an aggressive leftist agenda on students, according to Legal Insurrection. (RELATED: Meet The Privileged Obama-Supporting White Kids Who Perpetrated Cruel Oberlin Race Hoax)

Naturally, Oberlin students joined dozens of other colleges in releasing a Mizzou-inspired set of demands last academic year for their administration. The list was no less than 14 pages in length, and included a staggering 50 stern demands, many of which divide into several stern sub-demands. (RELATED: Oberlin Students Release Gargantuan 14-Page List Of Demands)

Among the absurd demands were that the school suspend all grades below a C so that students could focus on their political activism instead of their schoolwork. (RELATED: The 11 Most Absurd Discoveries From The New Yorker’s Oberlin College Exposé)

To his everlasting credit, Krislov released a defiant statement refusing to even consider a 14-page list of demands. (RELATED: Oberlin President Tells Complaining Students To Take A Hike)

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