Trump Campaign: No, It’s Actually Clinton And Putin We Have To Worry About


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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After weeks of being accused of supporting Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and his campaign have turned the tables on Hillary Clinton and sent details connecting Clinton with the Kremlin to reporters Monday night.

In an email titled “Clinton’s close ties to Putin deserve scrutiny,” the Trump campaign did effectively what the Clinton campaign did two weeks ago. Earlier this month, her campaign sent an email to the press titled, “Trump’s unnerving alliance with the Kremlin: An overview.” (RELATED: Clinton Campaign Continues To Push Trump-Russian Conspiracy Theory)

Trump’s campaign highlighted Clinton’s State Department fighting for American investment in Skolkovo, a tech industry city outside of Moscow. The Clinton Foundation received thousands of dollars from companies connected to Skolkovo.

On Monday, the Clinton campaign sent out a statement titled, “Trump owes Americans answers on troubling ties to pro-Kremlin forces.”

“There are real concerns about the pro-Kremlin interests engaged with the Trump team. As someone running to lead American policy and national security, Donald Trump owes the American public answers,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said. Mook was speaking in reference to a New York Times story that reported Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was designated to receive millions from a Vladimir Putin-aligned Ukrainian president.

In response, the Trump campaign pointed out that Tony Podesta has been a lobbyist for Sherbank. Sherbank is Russia’s largest financial institution and, according to The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, it is tied to Putin. Tony’s brother John is Clinton’s campaign manager.

Correction: John Podesta not Tony Podesta is Clinton’s campaign manager.