Ashley Judd Is Going Back To School To Get Ph.D.

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Ashley Judd announced she is going back to school to get a Ph.D. in public policy.

During a Facebook Live question-and-answer session, the 48-year-old actress shared that she had enrolled at University of California, Berkeley and is starting classes this fall to “take the next step” in her “academic journey.” (RELATED: Ashley Judd On Trump: ‘He’s A Chest Gazer, A Breast Gazer’)

Ashley Judd

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“It was ultra-competitive and I know that talented and virtuous, well-meaning, smart people from all over the world applied,” Judd said. “So I really intend to make the very best of my time at Berkeley and do some good thinking, some rigorous research and fill it with my typical heart and soul and see how I can continue to do my little part to make the world a better place.”(RELATED: Ashley Judd Looked At ‘Possibility’ Of Running For Governor Of Kentucky)

The actress said the focus of her studies will be on gender equality.

“Within human trafficking adheres all of the injustices of gender inequality,” she said. “You can look at the whole of our striving toward gender equality within the dynamic of ending human trafficking. So it’s the big and the little picture all at once and it’s definitely at the top of my list.”

Judd spoke at the Democratic National Convention last month in support for Hillary Clinton.