Jeff Sessions Says Clinton’s Syrian Refugee Plans Will ‘Result In More Terrorism’

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Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions on Tuesday called Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States next year “stunning and extreme” and said it will lead to more terrorism against Americans.

The statement from Sessions was released Tuesday to the media by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Sessions is an adviser to Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s plan to admit 65,000 refugees from Syria next year is radical and places America at great risk,” Sessions said. “Her goal is disconnected from reality. This surge would be nearly 40 times the number of Syrian refugees entering the country last year, and six times the number President Obama admits this year.”

Said Sessions: “The proof is in. Terrorists are getting into the United States posing as refugees. Our own government officials tell us there is no way to vet these individuals.”

“Indeed, terrorism charges or convictions against refugees have increased steadily each of the last three years, totaling at least 18,” Sessions said. “This wipes out the argument that refugees don’t commit terrorism crimes.”

Added Sessions: “The stunning and extreme nature of Hillary Clinton’s planned refugee increases cannot be ignored. These huge increases will result in more terrorism against the United States.”

Sessions called on reporters to press Clinton on the issue.

“It is time for the media to ask Hillary Clinton directly about these issues,” she said. “She makes promises for short term political gain while ignoring the security risks and the financial costs her irresponsible promises will cause to fall on our country in the future. A full and open discussion of this disastrous policy proposal is an essential part of a healthy political process. It is past time for a diligent media to do its part and demand an explanation.”

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