Rappers Put Out ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Video

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Performers Macklemore, YG and G-Eazy got together and cut a song called “Fuck Donald Trump Part 2” and now the video has been released.

On Tuesday, the threesome shared their revamped version of the rather simple song that slams the Republican presidential nominee, as they repeat the vulgar line over and over again, linking Trump to Hitler and the KKK. (RELATED: Killer Mike Defends Donald Trump: He Didn’t Tell People To Assassinate Hillary)


“How’d he make it this far,” the song leads off with. “How the fuck did it begin? A Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin, or KKK, now I’m going in.”

“Truth be told, Donald is a terrorist, reason why the world’s got a problem with Americans,” they continue. “It’s going all bad, if he wins this damn thing, man America’s fucked.”

The video uses black and white footage from Trump rallies/protests and shows the three flipping the bird every time they repeat the “Fuck Donald Trump” line draped in American flags.

Earlier this year, YG told TMZ that the song got the attention of the secret service who requested to see the lyrics before its release in June.