Paul Ryan’s Former Primary Challenger Launches An ‘America First’ PAC

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Scott Greer Contributor
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House Speaker Paul Ryan’s defeated primary foe isn’t done with politics just yet.

This week, businessman and former Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen announced he was forming his own political action committee, Citizens Revolt PAC, for the purpose of putting any elected official who would try to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency “on notice.”

Nehlen spoke with The Daily Caller on Tuesday about his new project, which he claims is the first PAC dedicated to promoting “America First” policies.

“This is, I believe, the first pro-America PAC that focuses on promoting America First policies,” he told TheDC during a phone interview. “This PAC will work to help primary candidates that are running righteous campaigns against corrupt politicians, and general election candidates who are running on a pro-American platform.”

Nehlen says they are planning to announce which candidates Citizens Revolt PAC will be supporting soon and offered more details about the kind of agenda his group wishes to promote

“The new PAC is devoted to reigning in out-of-control immigration, promoting good and smart trade deals that prioritize the needs of American workers, and ending corporate special interest control in Washington,” he outlined to TheDC.

Nehlen particularly singled out the PAC’s immigration stances for why it is “pro-America.”

“We need an immigration policy that works for America First. So, if we’ve got visa programs that are metastasizing out of control — like the H1B or H2B visa programs, or the L1 or L2 visa programs, or the K visa programs — any of these visa programs that are bringing in hundreds of thousands or millions of people, we need to check that. We do not need an immigration policy that displaces American workers or American students and drives up costs in education,” he told TheDC.

Nehlen still has harsh words for his former primary foe Paul Ryan, a politician who he sees as representing everything Citizens Revolt stands against.

“Paul Ryan is working on behalf of [Chamber of Commerce president] Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers who want a constant supply of low-cost labor coming into this country, which undermines American’s wages. Paul Ryan’s campaign coffers reflect that,” he declared.

When asked about the efforts of anti-Trump conservatives, such as the presidential campaign of Evan McMullin, to derail The Donald’s candidacy, he remarked, “They would prefer to have Hillary Clinton as president.”

Furthermore, he dismisses the NeverTrump hopes of a post-election Trump purge.

“I think they’ll be unsuccessful at [purging] because the electorate is seeing through it. And if you look at the turnout for Donald Trump’s rallies — and I think he’s smart to continue to do rallies even though he’s the nominee because — he continues to demonstrate support throughout the country,” Nehlen commented. “Consequently when these guys continue to expose themselves as what they’re doing. It is not a good situation for the GOP to be in.”

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