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Choom Gang Veteran Obama Angrily Confronts Daughter For Smoking Weed

Reuters' Kevin Lamarque.

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Barack Obama, a notorious high school pot head with his “Choom Gang” friends, was “furious” that his 18-year-old daughter Malia appeared to be taking a toke herself in a recent online video, Radar Online reports.

The website cites a source claiming that Obama irately confronted Malia during their Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation about her apparent pot smoking at Chicago’s Lollapaloza music festival last month. She was also caught “twerking” but Obama seems less judgmental about that.

Push came to shove after Malia was hustled out of a Martha’s Vineyard house party by Secret Service agents right before local cops raided it for an excessive noise complaint. “I’m sure he had some choice words for his daughter during that walk they took” after the party, the Radar source claimed.

“This is the president’s worst nightmare!” the source asserted. “The end of his term is in sight — and the carefully crafted image of a world-beating family is unraveling right before his eyes!”

Radar did not indicate the precise day Obama scolded Malia.

Evan Gahr