Trump Campaign Manager: Hillary’s The Most ‘Joyless Candidate In Presidential Political History’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, said on Sunday that Hillary Clinton is the most “joyless candidate in presidential political history.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Conway if “Donald Trump should be transparent and release his tax returns?”

“I’m glad he’s transparent about a number of things. And we’re certainly running against the least accountable, least transparent, I think joyless candidate in presidential political history.”

“But I’ve learned from the inside, that this audit is a serious matter,” Conway said. “And that he has said when the audit is complete, he’ll release his tax returns. I also know as a pollster that what concerns people most about quote taxes is their own tax liability. And we appreciate people being able to see Hillary Clinton’s plan and Donald Trump’s plan and see who will get the middle class tax relief.”

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