Clay Travis DESTROYS Speedo For Dropping Ryan Lochte

Clay Travis, Ryan Lochte (Credit: Screenshot Fox Sports Youtube, Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fox Sports personality and Outkick The Coverage founder Clay Travis didn’t mince words in his criticism of Speedo’s decision to drop Ryan Lochte.

“The only reason social media mobs work is because so many companies are complete and total pussies the moment a word of criticism happens,” the outspoken pundit said moments after tweeting out Speedo’s decision. (RELATED: Speedo Ends Ryan Lochte’s Endorsement Deal After Events In Rio)

Travis has been a passionate defender of Lochte’s amid all the outrage following armed men taking money from him at a Rio gas station. The swimming superstar believed armed men demanding money from him was robbery, but the Brazilians do not. (RELATED: Everybody On Twitter Is Using The Ryan Lochte Circus To Complain About ‘White Privilege’)

Lochte’s future won’t be out of the spotlight if Travis has his way.

The Ryan Lochte saga continues to get more entertaining by the day.

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