New Voter Registrations Favor Republicans In Key States

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Good news for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: more new voters are registering Republican in key battleground states, reports Politico. In the last few months Republicans are picking up more new voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Iowa.

“The atmospherics of voter registration trends in those states do not point to a strong Democratic year, so that’s one negative the Trump campaign does not have to deal with at this point,” said Louisiana pollster John Couvillon to Poltico. He added, “The voter registration data I’m seeing does not support the idea of a surge in Democratic voter enthusiasm.”

Additionally, although Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is ahead of Trump by six points in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, the registration numbers in Eastern and Midwestern key states show party-switching to the GOP in states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

According to Politico, Democrats’ registration advantage in the Keystone State fell by 20 percent since the 2012 election to 915,000 voters. Over 85,000 voters changed from Democrat to Republicans in the state. Similarly, in North Carolina Democratic voter registration dwindled by 44,000 June and May of this year, double the number of last election cycle’s drop and winnowing their voter advantage down to 641,000.

In Iowa, Democratic voter registration shrunk between 2008 and 2012 causing the party to see their 100,00 voter active advantage dissipate.

Democrats are not losing new voters in every state, though. They’ve grown their voter base out west in states like New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and California.

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