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Tamron Hall Has Emergency Earlobe Surgery

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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You may have noticed a brand new sleek hairstyle on NBC “TODAY” Show host Tamron Hall this week.

But the news anchor, who also appears on MSNBC, is also showing off her newly repaired earlobes. After she wore some apparently pretty heavy earrings to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in March, her ears ripped apart.


“I normally wear hoops, she explained. “But a pair of earrings ripped my ear and the tear just kept going so I had to have surgery on my ears.”

Hall didn’t schedule surgery at a hospital. She went to “a guy who does body modification art.”

He does not have an MD after his name. reported the news Monday.

“He sewed both of my ears back,” she said. “I had stitches.”

The anchor can’t get her ears pierced for another few months, so she did a few new piercings higher up on her earlobes to display tiny presumably lightweight earrings.

Viewers won’t see her big hoops again for awhile.