White House Links ‘Right-Wingers’ In Iran With ‘Right-Wingers’ In America [VIDEO]

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After facing a question about the $400 million ransom payment for the American prisoners in Iran on Monday, White House Press secretary Josh Earnest compared the “right-wingers in Iran” to the “right-wingers in the United States that would love to try to  sully this agreement for their own political motivations.”

During the press briefing, Earnest claimed that “six months later, seven months later at a place where Iran is not able to obtain nuclear weapons, where Iran has made significant commitments to rollback key aspects of their nuclear program. Where Iran has agreed to cooperate with intrusive inspection measures to verify their compliance with the agreement.” (RELATED: Obama Lied To America About Cash Payment To Iran [VIDEO])

“Iran did agree to settle a long standing financial dispute between our two countries in a way, it saved American taxpayers potentially billions of dollars. And there are former american citizens who have been freed from unjust detention in Iran, and that is good news,” Earnest said. (RELATED: RANSOM CONFIRMED: US Wouldn’t Let Iran Take $400 Million Til Prisoners Released)

“So that is the way we have described this from the beginning,” Earnest claimed. “And the president himself made the announcement to all of you in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. So our story on this, and the way that have described what our goals are have not changed. The benefits of this agreement have not changed. And look, I understand that there are right-wingers in Iran and right-wingers in the United States that would love to try to sully this agreement for their own political motivations.” (RELATED: Krauthammer On Iran Cash: Obama Admin Lies ‘Shamelessly And They Lie When The Lie Is Uncovered’)

“They were doing that before this agreement was reached,” he added. “They were trying to prevent the nuclear agreement from moving forward. So it’s not surprising to me that they’re now trying to criticize all of the engagement between the United States and Iran. They have their own political motive that’s been well identified, you all have written about it.”

“So the criticism to me is not particularly surprising but it also has not changed the motivation for making this deal,” Earnest said. “It has not changed the goals that we have laid out. And frankly, it has not changed the benefits that the United States has enjoyed as a result of the tough diplomatic strategy implemented by the Obama administration.”


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