Check Out This Montage Of Hillary Clinton Lying [VIDEO]

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The Republican National Committee released a montage of Hillary Clinton lying again about having turned over all work-related emails she sent while secretary of state.

On Monday, it was announced that that 15,000 new emails were discovered by the FBI which Clinton did not disclose. (VIDEO: Comey Confirms Hillary Clinton Lied To The Public About Her Emails)

Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Pribus said, “Hillary Clinton’s pattern of dishonesty and unethical behavior knows no bounds, and there’s no doubt we will see more of the same if she’s elected president.” (RELATED: Bahrain’s Prince Got Audience With Clinton After Donating $32 Million To Her Foundation)

“The American people deserve better than Hillary Clinton’s ongoing deception, and with Election Day less than three months away, the State Department should expedite the review of these emails and release them in full so that voters can hold her accountable and make a fully informed choice in November,” Priebus added. (RELATED: 15,000 NEW Clinton Emails Set To Drop Right Before The Election)

Among the discoveries in the latest email dump, it was found that the Crown Prince of Bahrain, who donated $32 million to the Clinton Foundation, was able to gain an audience with Clinton by communicating through the foundation when she was secretary of state. (VIDEO: MSNBC: Hillary’s ‘Never” Answered If She Regarded Foundation Emails As ‘Personal’)


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