Cops: Married Female Teacher Traumatized 18-Year-Old Foreign Exchange Student With Spring Sex Romp

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This week’s female teacher arrested for allegedly having a bunch of sex with a male foreign exchange high school student who was living in her house is Nicole Jakubiak.

Jakubiak, 36, was — until just recently — an elementary school teacher at Robison Elementary School in the suburbs of Houston, reports local NBC affiliate KPRC-TV.

The foreign exchange student is a guy from Sweden. He was an 18-year-old student at Cypress-Ranch High School in Cypress, Texas at the time of the sex romp.

The teacher and her husband were serving as the student’s host family.

Jakubiak was arrested on Friday.

She had told investigators that the unidentified student initiated the romance, which allegedly lasted from March to May.

Her marriage was on the rocks, she said, and she had taken to sleeping on the couch.

Two Robison Elementary teachers with knowledge of the affair spilled the beans about the relationship to Kelly Gerletti, the Robison Elementary principal. It’s not clear when, but Gerletti then contacted authorities.

Jakubiak, a first-grade teacher, did not hold back any of the sordid details about her extramarital activity, according to court documents obtained by Houston television station KIAH.

She said she and the Swedish teen often had sex in the wee hours of the morning — around, say, 3 a.m. — while her husband slept.

The affair started with oral sex. Eventually, it advanced to full-on sex.

They had sex at other times, too. Once, Jakubiak explained, she and the student were engaged in sex in the study in her home when the garage door opened. They scurried to get dressed. During another sexual encounter in Jakubiak’s marital bed, her in-laws showed up for a surprise visit. The Swedish student hid for a while, then made a daring escape out the backdoor and through a neighbor’s backyard (playing it totally cool in the neighborhood until the coast was clear).

Jakubiak’s neighbor, Ruth Mohyla, said she was shocked about all the clandestine sex going on.

“We’re surprised that anything like this is even occurring. But you don’t know what happens,” Mohyla told KPRC-TV. “It’s a shame that it happened. It’s a shame that it happened in the house. Perhaps they could have gone somewhere else. It didn’t happen on school property.”

All in all, court documents say, Jakubiak estimated that she and her Swedish high school student paramour had sex approximately 20 to 30 times.

Were there romantic texts? Yes! Jakubiak said the 18-year-old student frequently texted during her workday to express his love for her, according to court documents.

Were there half-naked photos? Yes! The texts the foreign exchange student sent included a photo of himself arrayed only in his boxer shorts, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Jakubiak told investigators that she didn’t think she had committed a crime because the Swedish foreign exchange student was 18. Also, no one could possibly say she was one of his teachers.

However, the investigators informed Jakubiak that Texas law prohibits any teacher from having sex with any student in the school district where the teacher teaches.

Jakubiak said she feels like the Swedish foreign exchange student took advantage of his knowledge that she was having marital trouble.

She does not want to be viewed as a sexual predator, she told investigators.

Investigators say the Swedish foreign exchange student corroborated the sex tale. His current whereabouts are unclear.

The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District issued a statement pillorying Jakubiak.

“We were outraged to learn of the serious allegations brought against a former teacher,” the statement said, according to Houston ABC affiliate KTRK. “Once we learned of the allegations, she was immediately removed from the campus,” the statement also said. “Violation of student trust will not be tolerated.”

Jakubiak faces a second-degree felony: improper relationship with a student. It carries a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 20 years and a maximum fine of $10,000.

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