Sen. Tom Cotton: ‘They’re Having A Fire Sale At The Clinton Foundation For White House Access’

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sen. Tom Cotton said on Tuesday, “[T]hey’re having a fire sale at the Clinton Foundation for White House access.”

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Tuesday, Cotton said, “[Y]ou have these very shady foreign oligarchs involved with the Clinton Foundation, and involved intimately with the State Department under Secretary of State Clinton. That’s why I’ve said that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton should immediately suspend all donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and from corporations. They said they will if she wins. But that’s really just an alarm bell for all those people to send in their money right now if they want to buy access in a future Clinton White House.” (RELATED: State Department Fielded Request From Bono At Bill Clinton’s Aide’s Request)

Hewitt replied, “Yeah, it’s the starting gun. We just watched the Olympics. The starting gun just went off, and if you want to have access to the White House, you can’t count on the Lincoln bedroom being for rent again. You’ve got to get your money in early.” (RELATED: Bill Clinton Pens Open Letter To Clinton Foundation Donors)

“Yeah, I mean, they’re having a fire sale at the Clinton Foundation for White House access. So all of those oligarchs all around the world are worried about fulfilling their life’s work of eradicating disease and poverty need to get their money in now,” Cotton said. (RELATED: Priebus: ‘The Only Work That The Clinton Foundation Is Doing Is Lining The Pockets Of Bill And Hillary Clinton’)

On Monday, Bill Clinton emailed Foundation supporters telling them that “the Foundation will accept contributions only from US citizens, permanent residents and US-based independent foundations.”

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