Trump Vs. The Elites

Patrick J. Walsh Freelance Writer
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On Aug. 9, PBS American Experience reran a documentary on the presidency of Richard M. Nixon – the anniversary of his resignation in 1974. I heard Nixon proclaiming on the program that he never publicly profited from public service.

Flipping the channel, I lighted upon a discussion of Hillary’s emails. From her U.S. State department emails it seems that profiting from government is her whole raison d’ etre; the Clinton Foundation being a huge profit-from-government organization.

Curiously, Hillary Clinton’s political career began with the Watergate scandal. She was a young attorney working on the House Judiciary Committee to prosecute the president. Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and Chief of staff of that committee, who supervised Hillary says at that time, “she engaged in self-serving and unethical practices”. Inability to tell the truth started early in her career. William Safire, a New York Times columnist who chose his words carefully called Hillary a “congenital liar”.

Surfing the internet, I found another Watergate all-star Carl Bernstein who, reportedly at a recent gathering of journalist in Washington DC, urged them not to be concerned about fairness but to take down the silent majority’s new hero, Donald Trump. Is it any wonder polls show journalism to be one of the least respected professions in America? Googling again, I find Dan Rather, another of Watergate fame, urging journalists to ostracize and shame Trump’s supporters. Dan Rather was incidentally fired from CBS for false reporting on President George W. Bush in 2006.

President Nixon and the ethical frailties of his White House was starting to pale in comparison with the behavior of his critics so I went back to watching the Nixon documentary on Channel 2. I confidently predict history will exonerate Nixon. As Canadian author Conrad Black in Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full pointed out, “There undoubtedly was a criminal conspiracy to subvert justice but no conclusive evidence has ever been adduced that Nixon participated in it”.

Since Watergate and Nixon the media in this country has set itself up as a kind of Praetorian Guard that makes or breaks presidential candidates. But with the new internet media sources for news the old establishment’s power is being challenged and is on the wane.

People are sick and tired of the vulgarity of establishment media machine trying to destroy Mr. Trump with their “gotcha” journalism. Time and time again they try and cry a new headline. It is akin to the story of the Boy who cried “wolf”. They have lost all credibility. For intelligent people can now investigate on the internet Mr. Trump’s actual statement vs the manufactured one of the elitist media establishment.

In the current campaign against Trump their strategy is the same mix of suppressio veri and expressio falsi. Their recent attempt to turn Trump’s statement about Second Amendment rights into an assassination threat on Hillary Clinton was a new low for the carnival-barking media. They seek to make Trump a pariah, to destroy the man by innuendo so as to stifle free discussion of the genuine reform he promises on immigration, jobs and terrorism – all of which are enormously popular with the populace.  Last week, Robert Greenblatt a chairman at NBC labelled Mr. Trump as, “toxic” and “demented”. Cokie Roberts of ABC says supporters of Trump are “morally tainted”.

These self-righteous, better-than-you snobs of the elitist establishment contemptuously look down their long aquiline noses at the American middle and blue-collar class. The wealthy elite can afford to insulate themselves from the average citizen’s worries. Obama plans to let an additional 100,000 refugees into the United States. These Islamic migrants will be coming to your neighborhood as quick as you can say “Hillary Merkle Clinton,” and if you squawk in protest they will disparage you as they do Mr. Trump as a ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’. Peggy Noonan’s Wall Street Journal column, How Elites Forsake Their Country pointed out, “that all of Virginia’s Syrian refugees have been placed in towns with lower incomes and higher poverty rates” and not in the wealthy suburbs of Washington D.C.

Trump, who called himself in his nomination speech a “Redneck from Fifth Ave,” understands the silent majority’s concerns. He is pushing back against an elite media who want a world of no borders, no allegiance and no identity.

And don’t be intimidated by establishment polling showing Trump behind. Trump has eleven million followers on Twitter, fills stadiums with enthusiastic supporters and is a movement bigger than both parties. He will be elected president by a wide margin. Remember Brexit? The pundits and pollsters said it would lose by 10-15 points and bullied people with the same end of the world scenario they now accost Trump with.

Patrick J Walsh is a writer from Quincy, Massachusetts. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Modern Age, Weekly Standard, Chronicles and Crisis Magazine.