Woman SLAMMED For Opting To Raise Baby With Zika, Asking For Funds


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A Connecticut woman asking for $50,000 to help raise a baby with Zika she has opted not to abort is getting hammered on her GoFundMe page.

“You’re being selfish and opportunistic,” one commenter writes. “You should abort the fetus before it becomes another burden on society. Also if you’re fine with premarital sex then you can’t use religion as an excuse not to abort.”

Another piles on: “You are a selfish attention whore. Shame on you. If you were a real mom and loved your child at all, you wouldn’t put an innocent life through what’s ahead. Begging people for money to pay for your poor choices just makes a bad situation worse. So sad.”

Sara Mujica contracted Zika while traveling in Central America in February, where she also got pregnant with her Honduran fiancee. She set up the GoFundMe page after deciding not to abort the child, in order to ask for money for the medical costs of raising a baby with Zika.

“Being young and pregnant is one thing,” she writes. “But now I Am Still pregnant and young but going through the worst time ever with the news about me having Zika. … I have Decided to keep my Baby , Because it’s what God has given to me & I am taking Full Responsibility Of MY Actions & I do NOT believe in Abortion so I would never do that [sic].”

Pregnant women with the Zika virus have been giving birth to babies with microcephaly, a severe condition in which the baby never properly forms a brain. Many of these babies don’t live long, and abortionists are capitalizing on the spread of Zika by clamoring for more abortions in some areas. (RELATED: Here’s How Zika Eats Babies’ Brains)

Although Mujica has raised about $5,000 toward her $50,000 goal, many of the comments on her page are from people slamming her for choosing not to abort the child.

“You are a ridiculously selfish person,” a commenter writes. “You are making horrible decisions and now you want other people to fund it! How dare you! Make the right choice and give the baby up for adoption!”

Another is more concise: “Fuck you.”

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