Another Unkept Obama Promise About ISIS: This Time To An American Victim’s Family [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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For over a year and a half, Barack Obama has failed to fulfill his promise to contribute to a foundation established by the family of Kayla Mueller, an American woman killed by ISIS last year.

According to Marsha Mueller, Kayla’s mother, Obama “asked what he could do” when they had a private meeting with the president after Kayla’s death, reports ABC.

Since meeting with the president on March 13, 2015, Carl Mueller, Kayla’s father told ABC, “I’m still waiting for that donation.”

Kayla Mueller was in Syria doing aide work in 2013 when she was kidnapped by ISIS. Her parents sent videos to her captors pleading for her release. They traded 27 emails as well. In the end, the ISIS captors set a $6.2 million dollar ransom on her head. The Obama administration threatened the family with prosecution if they paid the ransom, the Muellers said. In the end, Kayla Mueller was executed by ISIS.

The White House confirmed to ABC News that Obama has not yet made the contribution but still intends to do so.

White House spokesperson Ned Price told ABC News, “The United States worked tirelessly to recover Kayla Mueller, as well as the other American hostages held by ISIL in Syria, using every tool at our disposal. In Kayla’s case, these efforts included the personal involvement of senior Administration officials, including the Secretary of State, and extensive intelligence analysis that culminated in an attempted rescue operation by the U.S. Military.”

“Despite our best efforts, we recognize these families were frustrated by and disappointed in the way their government supported them in their time of need. That is why President Obama ordered a comprehensive review of our hostage policy and the way we work with families. We relied on direct feedback, including from the Muellers, to inform the actions the President directed in June 2015 to create the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell that brings under one roof law enforcement, intelligence, and military capabilities as well as the designation of a Special Presidential Envoy to coordinate diplomatic efforts. In addition, the Justice Department clarified its practices – stating publicly that it has never used the material support statute to prosecute a family for paying a ransom for the safe return of their loved one.”

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