‘Clinton Cash’ Author: ‘Not A Coincidence’ Clinton Donors Got Access And Favors

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash” said on Friday that Hillary Clinton’s emails show that her “actions seemed to favor or benefit those donors” and that it was “not a coincidence.”

Appearing on the “Hugh Hewitt Show” Schweizer said, “[W]hen you looked at the actions that Hillary Clinton took as secretary of state, her actions seemed to favor or benefit those donors. And you know, the Clinton Foundation attack against me personally was that ‘Well, there’s no evidence. There’s no evidence. This is just a coincidence.’ What these emails show is that it was not a coincidence, that the Clinton Foundation was a conduit for foreign oligarchs basically to gain access to the highest levels of the State Department.” (RELATED: Deleted Emails: Clinton Helped Out Donors Who Asked Her For Help With A ‘Major Client’)

[dcquiz] “Ordinarily, a guy like Gilbert Chagoury could contact the State Department, and they wouldn’t pay him much notice. He’s a foreign national, he’s a foreign businessman, but the fact that you now have Clinton Foundation people in these emails going to senior State Department officials and saying we want you to meet and talk with this guy, he’s a good friend of ours, he’s important to us, makes all the difference in the world,” Schweizer argued. “So I think that the email trail is very damning.” (RELATED: Bahrain’s Prince Got Audience With Clinton After Donating $32 Million To Her Foundation)

Later Schweizer said, “Look, we all know the story of money in politics. We know the guy on Wall Street who raises money. He wants access. He wants favors from the politician he gets money for. But this has been a gameplay by Americans. Foreign entities cannot donate to campaigns or superPACs to get access and to get influence. The Clinton Foundation was the conduit around that.”

“That’s why more than half of the donations came from these foreign oligarchs, and that’s why it’s vitally important for people to realize this is not your typical pay to play, money in politics story. This is about foreign money gaining access and influence at the highest levels of our government, and we have not been there before.”

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