C-SPAN Caller Chose Limbaugh Over Marriage Because Of Clinton [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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On Friday, a man named Victor called into C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” where he said that Hillary Clinton reminds “me of my former wife, who I cannot stand.”

Victor, from Silver Spring, Md., said, “Hillary is personal for me. I am 69 years old, I’m and legally blind. My sighted wife who was an extreme liberal, as soon as the Clintons got into office she gave me an ultimatum, either the marriage or Rush Limbaugh. I picked Rush Limbaugh [and] she dumped me.”

“Rush said on his show many times that Hillary will remind every man who has been through a divorce with the way she screams and yells, she does remind me of my former wife, who I cannot stand,” Victor said.

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