Norway To Build Border Fence To Deter Refugee Influx

REUTERS/Cornelius Poppe/NTB Scanpix

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Norway plans to erect a border fence with Russia in an effort to keep refugees out of the country, Reuters reports.

The steel fence is planned to be 660 feet long and 11 feet high, after 5,500 Syrian refugees crossed into Norway from Russia last year. During the Cold War, that border was often seen as a way of escape for asylum seekers from the former Soviet Union, but Norwegians appear frustrated by the more recent refugee resettlements in their country.

Sweden, which is next door to Norway, is also cracking down on their borders since the flow of refugees increased in the last two years.

“The gate and the fence are responsible measures,” Deputy Justice Minister Ove Vanebo told Reuters. However, other Norwegian officials disagree, comparing the fence to the European countries with barbed wire around them.

“I can’t see a need for a fence. There are too many fences going up in Europe today,” said Rune Rafaelsen, the mayor of the Soer-Varange.

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