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Huma And Anthony Are Separating

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

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Looks like I owe Huma Abedin an apology. When I wrote about Carlos Danger’s latest dick-pic imbroglio earlier today, I assumed that once again Huma would put the needs of the Clinton campaign ahead of her own child’s wellbeing. I was wrong.

In any other election, this would be extraordinary: an aide who is constantly at the elbow of a presidential candidate is separating from her husband because of his incessant sexting with strange women. But then, this isn’t any other election.

BTW, the Weiner documentary is available at Amazon. This seems like as good an excuse as any to check it out. There’s already plenty of material for the sequel.

Exit question: If you applauded when Bill Clinton walked onstage at the Democratic National Convention, and yet you’re also applauding Huma for finally getting away from HER toxic hubby, what’s wrong with you?

P.S. Here’s the mystery woman, and the incredibly creepy dick-pic/family photo that made Huma finally do what she should’ve done years ago.

P.P.S. As I read the Post’s story again, I notice that it never actually reveals how they got these sexts. Did this mysterious Trump supporter give them the story? Seems like an important question in light of the Gawker verdict, the Leslie Jones hack, the “Fappening,” etc.

P.P.P.S. At times like this, I find I can express myself best via the timeless medium of poetry.