Trump’s Alt-Right. Hillary’s Alt Left.

Bryan Crabtree | Host, The Bryan Crabtree Show

In an attempt to give moderate Republicans, who are disturbed by Donald Trump, an escape hatch,  Hillary Clinton has dubbed Trump and his supporters the ‘Alt-right.’  In layman’s terms, she means you are bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and a demagogue if you support Trump.

In doing so, she’s defending the Republican Party of Mitt Romney who was also called elitist and racist in the last presidential election of 2012.

Many define the “alt-right” as opposing diversity and immigration, believing they are superior to all other humans. This is the Clinton campaign’s vain attempt to thwart Trump’s unprecedented outreach to minorities for the past two weeks (as no Republican ever has).

In reaction, Clinton’s vice-presidential running-mate Sen. Tim Kaine compared Trump and his supporters to slave owners.  Kaine? This represents the Alt-Left.

The Alt-left is a group of people who have nothing to offer. They have no facts to support their opinion and their factual assessments are grossly out of context and disingenuous. This group will blame minority communities’ problems on the rest of the country. They will use shocking statistics pointing to the harsh realities these minorities face. But, when a candidate like Trump begins to share those same numbers and offer different solutions, they attack what was previously their own language as racist and dark.

Clinton is the queen of the kingdom of Alt-Left. Spanning four decades, a single year hasn’t known the absence of a Hillary Clinton scandal. She wants us to forget that.

‘Alt-Lefters’ have no common sense or business acumen so they cheat in order to make profit:  The Clintons’ Whitewater scandal.  One doesn’t have to look further than to the video of Hillary Clinton laughing about helping a rape victim (who she knows was guilty) escape prosecution. When it comes to politics, which delivers a lot of personal-power, the corruption is even worse: private email servers exposing state secrets, the selling of access (for tens-of-millions of dollars) via donations to their so-called ‘charity’ Clinton Foundation and an avalanche of lies covering up this illicit behavior.

Clinton is appealing to the moderate-Republicans with her Alt-Right rhetoric. She knows they are scared. I call these ‘moderates’ rabbits. They stand on the side of the road and nibble on the grass. At the first sight of traffic they run into the weeds and hide. They serve very little purpose and they reproduce rapidly. The Alt-Left (uh…Clinton) is the car. The moment she swerves in their direction, the moderate Republican-rabbit runs.

What is the Alt-Right? In my view, these are the people who fight back, run toward challenges, speak with candor and a refreshing air of the truth. Occasionally, they make you cringe due to a heart of passion (not hate). These are the leaders and influencers who have the ability to cause change.

On the Alt-Left, truth has no place in the journey for power and attention. For example, the Democratic National Committee email leak (from Wikileaks) proves they will even cheat amongst their own ranks.  Disgraced chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gave us a glimpse of their playbook: attack and destroy all political foes.  The call to action was to attack Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders regarding his faith and religion, essentially casting him as an atheist.

The Alt-Left’s only agenda is to disparage their opponent in order to cause fear and distract voters from assailant’s own deviant behavior. Their biggest weapon is to camouflage the vast array of differences amongst races, faith, gender and cultural backgrounds while projecting their own inherent racism, immorality, bigotry and elitism onto their opponent.

The Alt-Left exhibits many of the traits of borderline personality disorder (BPD): fear of abandonment, up and down moods, unstable self-image, impulsive and risky behavior. These symptoms are the personification of people who consistently use projection.

I’m certainly not labeling anyone as BPD, but I am pointing out that the Alt-Left has some of the worst personality traits known to mankind.

The ‘Alternative Right’ is not inherently ‘Right’ or conservative at all. It’s simply a group of people who have thrown political correctness aside and have decided to support a disruptor –  someone who can break up the political strongholds in Washington and return it to the people.

The Alt-Right movement is powered by truth and by pointing out the failures of our country’s present leadership. It shares the reality of how grim this country’s future appears without sweeping change to our political and cultural behavior.

Their truths are an absolute defense. It’s not racist, bigoted or demagoguery. The only way to deal with the truth is to embrace it or attack its messenger. “Alt-Right” is the attack.

Bryan Crabtree is the host of The Bryan Crabtree Show, which can be heard on Atlanta’s Biz 1190.

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