Trump: Nieto And I Didn’t Discuss Mexico Paying For The Wall [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Standing next to Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump reaffirmed that he wants the United States to build a wall on the southern border shared with Mexico — but payment for the wall was not discussed during his meeting with Nieto Wednesday.

“We recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall,” Trump said. He added, “I love the United States very much and we want to make sure the people of the United States are very well protected.”

When asked by reporters about comments Trump made in the past about Mexico that Mexicans had found insulting and if such remarks were discussed as well as whether or not payment of the wall was broached, Trump went on to say of his meeting with Nieto, “We did not discuss payment of the wall. That will be for a later date. this was a preliminary meeting, an excellent meeting, and we are very well on our way. A lot of the things I said are very strong, but we have to be strong and say what is happening. There is crime, as you know, a lot of crime, and there are a lot of problems, but together we will solve those problems. I believe the president and I will solve those problems. We will get them solved.”

Nieto responded, “It is important to highlight the responsibility I have as the president of Mexico to defend the Mexican people here and overseas. There may have been misinterpretations, affirmations that have been sadly heard by Mexicans and the perception that they have about Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Mexican people felt aggravated by those comments. Let me assure you that we have a genuine interest in building and creating conditions for the betterment of our societies.”

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