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Weekly Standard Writer Takes A Deep Dive Into Donald Trump’s Gayness

Reuters: Aaron P. Bernstein.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Weekly Standard‘s new advice column “Ask Matt Labash” (boldly borrowed from the pages of The Daily Caller) is off to a good start. But not one that’s going to please GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

In the second week’s worth of questions, a reader asks, “Do you think Donald Trump is gay?”

After a thorough exploration of Trump’s possible gayness, Labash eventually answers that Trump is “mostly straight” but not without some pretty gay tendencies.

He says Trump self-identifies as an “orange, heterosexual male.”

But the presidential hopeful has had a few “bicurious episodes,” the advice columnist explained.

In one, Trump compliments the physique of Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn Jenner despite still having her penis.

In another, the writer resurrects that awful remark he once said to Arianna Huffington about why she and her gay ex-husband split.

He brings up that dirty detail of Trump wanting to date his daughter Ivanka (if she wasn’t, of course, his daughter).

And finally, the writer suggests Trump may have a man crush on actor Robert Pattinson.

Read the column here.

But don’t expect to see Labash on one of Trump’s planes or in one of his press pools anytime soon.