Biden Refuses To Say Clinton Foundation Is ‘100 Percent Ethical’ [VIDEO]

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Vice President Joe Biden had trouble defending the Clinton Foundation when confronted by a reporter Thursday about whether it is “100 percent ethical.”

“Do you think Americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the Clinton Foundation?” MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Biden. “Has the Clinton Foundation always been 100 percent ethical in your view?”

“Look I think the Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing, and I thinks he’s going to change and adjust to the realities of how complicated it’s all become,” Biden said in response — refusing to answer the question directly. (RELATED: Clinton Pressed To Sever All Ties With The Foundation)

When asked whether the Clinton Foundation should stop taking foreign donations, Biden said, “Well, I think you will see them stop taking foreign donations.”