Morning Joe: Hillary’s Email Excuses ‘Ring So Hollow’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” host Mika Brzezinski criticized Hillary Clinton for dismissing voters’ concerns over her private State Department email server.


Nicolle Wallace had just noted that “the last time [Clinton’s] numbers had swung this dramatically was right after the [FBI director James] Comey press conference.”

“When there are things in the news that remind people about her relationship with the truth, her numbers take a hit,” Wallace continued.

“I think it’s a huge mistake to say the least,” chimed in Brzezinski. “To think the emails wouldn’t make a difference. That people wouldn’t get it, wouldn’t care.”

“I think they do,” she continued. “I get asked about it a lot. I think it’s something that when she says it was a mistake, it just rings so hollow. It was a thoughtful move.”

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