Students Think College Is Really Expensive But They Have Absolutely No Idea Why [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshot/mrctv

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The cost of college tuition — and the resulting student debt incurred by students — has skyrocketed in recent decades.

Media Research Center TV reporter Dan Joseph ventured onto the campus of George Mason University — where fancy landscaping features are abundant and student yoga is readily available — to find out if anyone knows why. Spoiler: They don’t.

Joseph spoke randomly to about a dozen students — and three parents, and someone dressed up in a ridiculous pig costume. None of them had any inkling why they are paying so much for college — or for a $104 paperback guide to writing, or a $183 textbook on abnormal psychology or a $315 calculus textbook. (RELATED: Understanding The Higher Education Bubble Through Caddyshack)

Several interviewees felt very confident that lots of free money from the government is the answer, though.


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