Taxpayer-Funded Universities Are Forcing Social Justice Indoctrination On EVERY STUDENT

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In the wake of the swarm of Black Lives Matter protests that engulfed America’s campuses last academic year, administrators at a number of taxpayer-funded college and universities are forcibly indoctrinating students with required social justice training.

The University of Missouri, Oregon State University, Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are four public schools at which bureaucrats have instituted mandatory social justice curricula, according to Inside Higher Ed.

“It’s important to try and create more opportunities for open dialogue about these issues,” Kevin Kruger, a spokesman for the atrociously-acronymed NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), told the website. “Most campuses understand that the protests and activism last year show that there are issues that need to be addressed.”

At the taxpayer-funded University of Missouri, where protesting reached world-historical, cosmically sublime levels of absurdity during the 2015-16 academic year, all students must complete something called “Citizenship@Mizzou” training. The mandatory training is a sequence of workshops which require students to convene in auditoriums to listen to speakers, participate in enforced group discussions and endure musical performances. (RELATED: Mizzou Freshman Orientation Paints Black Lives Matter Protesters As CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES)

In the contrived group sessions, students discuss their views of religion and discuss how they feel about the same songs performed in different genres — a folk version, say, and a rhythm and blues version. (RELATED: New Mandatory Diversity Training For Students At Mizzou Focuses On Taco Costumes)

At public Oregon State University, all students must enroll in and complete an online course on social justice which focuses on “concepts of diversity and inclusion.” (RELATED: Oregon Spent Over $80,000 In Taxpayer Money On White Privilege Conference)

Similarly, at taxpayer-funded Virginia Tech, all freshman students have already been required to complete an online course — coined DiversityEdu — which forces students to watch fictional portrayals of discrimination and instructs students in acceptable ways for “engaging successfully with diversity and mitigating the influence of unconscious biases and stereotypical thinking.” (RELATED: Virginia Tech Nixes Black Conservative’s Speech Because ‘Looney Left’ Might Protest)

The taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin at Madison has established a “community building program” which focuses on gender identity, religion and race — among other categories beloved by social justice activists.

One reason for the Wisconsin program is an incident which occurred last year involving a student who decided it would be a good idea to tape a bunch of swastikas and a trio of photos of Adolf Hitler on a Jewish student’s dorm room door. Evidently, there had been some sort of escalating prank war. The Jewish student called the stunt an “insensitive joke/prank gone wrong” and said the perpetrator was “not cognizant” of how offensive the prank would appear. (RELATED: Escalating College Dorm Prank War Leads To SWASTIKAS AND HITLER PHOTOS On Jewish Student’s Door)

Another University of Wisconsin incident which caused administrators to adopt the social justice program involved a healing circle, a Native American elder and some heckling.

A third incident at the public school involved a black student who spray-painted “FUCK THE POLICE,” “THE DEVIL IZ A WHITE MAN” and much other graffiti on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year. Campus activists became really angry because campus police arrested the student, Denzel McDonald — who prefers the name King Shabazz — in a classroom. (RELATED: Wisconsin Professors RAGE After Cops Bust Black Student In Class For Graffiti Rampage)

About 1,000 freshman students at the Wisconsin-Madison will participate in the “community building program,” which features group sessions, reflection periods and “action planning,” according to Inside Higher Ed.

It’s not clear if the social justice program is a requirement for the 1,000 students.

A new study published in the Harvard Business Review finds that most workplace diversity programs — including mandatory diversity training programs — actually harm the very people such programs are usually meant to protect: racial minorities and women. (RELATED: STUDY: Diversity Programs Actually Harm Women And Racial Minorities)

“Trainers tell us that people often respond to compulsory courses with anger and resistance — and many participants actually report more animosity toward other groups afterward,” the researchers found.

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