YouTube Pulls Ad Money From Popular Account Criticizing Libs, Social Justice Warriors [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Philip DeFranco informed his 4.5 million followers Wednesday that YouTube is pulling advertising from many of his videos.


“Yesterday’s video and very possibly more in the upcoming future will not be monetized on YouTube,” the popular YouTube personality noted. “It’s because I used ‘excessively strong language.'”

“The thing is, I will say, I love YouTube,” he continued. “Obviously it looks like they’re well within their rights to do this. It is their damn website.”

DeFranco also noted that it is “incredibly fucking concerning.”

“Taking away the ability to monetize a video where you don’t say things they deem OK is a form of censorship with a different name,” he explained. “It is also a little bit concerning to me because in yesterday’s video really the only things that weren’t ‘advertiser friendly’ wasn’t really anything I said, but the stories I talked about.”

The stories DeFranco referenced are the “social justice warrior” who filmed herself berating a Lyft driver for his dashboard hula doll and Chris Brown’s arrest. (VIDEO: SJW Becomes Unglued Over Lyft Driver’s Racist Hula Doll)

“It seems like by covering the real news stories and not watering it down, I got in trouble.”

12 of DeFranco’s videos, from the past year alone, have been un-monetized.

DeFranco did not immediately return The Daily Caller’s request for additional comment.

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