Obama’s Plans After Leaving Office? Convincing Republicans Of Global Warming

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President Barack Obama probably has some big plans after leaving office in 2017, which might include trying to “influence” some Republicans on global warming.

“I think this is something that I will continue to be concerned about,” Obama told The New York Times while visiting the Midway Atoll on his way to China.

“My hope is, maybe as ex-president, I can have a little more influence on some of my Republican friends who, I think, up until now have been resistant to the science,” Obama said.

“There’s no reason this should be a partisan issue because it’s something all of us are gonna have to tackle, and maybe I’ll get more of a hearing if I’m not occupying a political office,” he said.

Obama has been traveling west, speaking at Lake Tahoe and Hawaii, to promote his global warming agenda and talk about all his administration has done to make more public lands off limits to resource extraction.

Obama is on his way to China for the G20 summit, where he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to announce that both countries will ratify a United Nations global warming treaty.

The UN treaty is opposed by Republicans who argue Obama is not classifying the agreement as a “treaty” to avoid certain defeat in the Senate.

“History already shows that this Paris Agreement will fail,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe said in a statement.

“This latest announcement is the president attempting to once again give the international community the appearance that he can go around Congress in order to achieve his unpopular and widely rejected climate agenda for his legacy,” he said.

Obama has largely ignored congressional critics, and plans on ratifying the UN treaty without Senate approval.

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