Iowa Offers Black Students Support Group To Deal With Microaggressions

University of Iowa logo YouTube screenshot/University of Iowa

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This fall, the University of Iowa is offering black students a weekly support group to help them deal with microaggressions and “deepen their resilient qualities.”

“The Black at Iowa Support Group is geared towards providing students who identify as African/African-American with an opportunity to join together to celebrate their successes as well as share their struggles at the university,” the university website explains. “Students will gain an opportunity to deepen their resilient qualities by sharing their experiences in an open, supportive environment.”

The first example of “issues to be discussed” at the support group is “Coping with microaggressions experienced on campus.”

“Exploring racial identity and sense of belonging,” “Managing relationships with others,” “Defining balance between work, personal, and school life” and “Maintaining motivation in academic pursuits” are the other examples listed.

The support group is offered by the university counseling services and will take place every Wednesday at the Women’s Resource Action Center.

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