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Afternoon Mirror: Even the poster of Greta is being removed

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“It’s been a year and a day since I’ve had a cigarette.”

— Radio host and The Daily Caller‘s Derek Hunter.



This is just COLD 

“The giant Greta Van Susteren poster in the 1211 lobby is currently being removed.” — Steven Perlberg, WSJ reporter covering media and advertising.

Journo insists on no swearing rule

“Guys. One rule on this feed. No cursing. One warning, then blocked. Lots of kids follow.” — Kurt Eichenwald, TIME.

In other Eichenwald tweets:

  • “To my colleagues in the media: please stop calling Brock Turner a ‘Stanford swimmer’ in headlines. He is a Stanford rapist. Nothing more.”
  • “I’ve known Trump since 1987. I know he is the greatest threat our nation has ever faced. And I will fight to stop him till my dying breath.”

AP reporter: Trump has no specifics for military spouses 

“Trump tells military spouses, ‘There are things we can do that are really very simple.’ Does not offer any examples.” — AP’s Steve Peoples.

Travel Bitches

“Really wish @Amtrak would figure out a way to provide decent wifi. Have not had a decent connection this whole ride. #travelfail” — Nancy Trejos, travel writer, USA Today.

Amtrak replied, “@nancytrejos Thanks for choosing Amtrak. We hope that you enjoy your ride.”

Reporter is confused about getting blocked

“Always fascinating to be blocked by people I’ve never heard of. Do people just block instead of mute if they don’t like a tweet? So confused.” — Brendan Nyhan, UpshotNYT contributor and Dartmouth political science prof.

Media advice for Hillary 

“1. If I was advising @HillaryClinton,I I’d tell her to spend 1/2 her time aboard the plane in the press cabin.” — Ron Fournier, associate publisher, Crain’s Detroit.

NYT TV critic rips NBC for covering Hillary’s cough 

“A person coughed. It’s news only bc of a context of rumor, which NBC is indulging. This is how institutions fail.” — James Poniewozik, NYT TV critic. “This election has seen some innovative truth-squadding/pushback. But is showing how vulnerable media system still is to brazen rumors/lies.”

There’s Donald Trump toilet paper…

“Guy outside the Manhattan Trump Tower selling toilet paper with Donald Trump’s face on it for $5 a roll.” — Sam Charles, Chicago Sun Times crime reporter.

Female journo gets gust of hate 

“So far this morning I’ve been called a c**t, a b**ch and a whore by the good folks on twitter! (And it’s 730 am) Happy Labor Day everybody!!” — Soledad O’Brien, CEO of Starfish Media Group.

Female journo wants a kiss

“Who wants to kiss in a totally normal and please don’t sexually harass me because of this tweet sort of way?” — Eve Peyser, night editor, Gizmodo.

Text from family member hours after the news broke: “Greta just left Fox!!!”

Clinton campaign informs people where they are 

Ruby Cramer is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News. 

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Rush’s bro David Limbaugh gets a face tattoo 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.24.41 PM