Cutting the Corporate Cord: How the Desk Phone Is Meeting Its Demise

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – It was bound to happen sooner or later: the desk phone, once an icon in any office, is now officially on its deathbed.
According to a recent survey by Dialpad, a San Francisco-based communications technology company, the trend of telecommuting and employees who would rather work anywhere but the office, is rendering the desk phone all but obsolete.
“Our survey reveals that while the slow and painful death of the desk phone has clearly begun, it cannot happen fast enough for many workers,” Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad, told VoIP Monitoring in an interview earlier this summer. “The anywhere worker movement is now evident in every segment of every industry. This significant trend will only accelerate over the next few years.”
Should there be any question about the ensuing death of the desk phone, the results of the 1,000 respondents surveyed by Dialpad about their communications, found that:
* 80 percent of companies already rely on at least some remote workers.
* 67 percent say their employees are allowed to work from home.
“What we found out is the world today is your office,” Morgan Norman, Dialpad’s vice president of marketing, told ZDNet in an interview. “That approach,” he said, “is valid now in enterprise and small-to-mid-size businesses.”
For its part, the five-year-old firm has been grabbing the attention of large scale clients by offering a cloud-based platform for communicating. Among its product offerings are voice, video, instant messaging, text, and online meeting tools — free from any on-site servers or storage and without any need for hardwired phones.
“The simple vision of Dialpad was to help every business, midsize to enterprise, connect all their employees and help them work from anywhere,” Norman says.
In other words, added Vincent Paquet, Dialpad’s vice president of product and strategy, in an interview with ZD Net, Dialpad will be there to fill a company’s communication needs as the desk phone becomes obsolete.
In addition, the company also has 40 new enhancements to its two products: Dialpad, which offers voice, video and messaging services for in and out of network communications, and UberConference, an enterprise-grade HD audio conferencing system. Dialpad says it’s able to roll out several enhancements at once and quickly deliver new releases thanks to its reliance on the Google Cloud Platform and the WebRTC framework.
“In three years from now, there won’t be a desk phone anymore,” Paquet predicts.
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