Hillary’s State Dept. Counsel: ‘Clinton Supports’ The ‘Wise’ $1.7 Billion Iran Ransom [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Wendy Sherman, one of Hillary Clinton’s longtime-advisors, said during a Wednesday interview on MSNBC that “Secretary Clinton supports” the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran nearly $2 billion for the release three US prisoners.


“As far as Iran and this payment goes,” Sherman stated. “The deal was made and saved American taxpayers billions of dollars in what was resolved.” (RELATED: Obama Paid Iran Another $1.4 Billion In Cash)

“The Obama administration made a very wise decision not to pay right away but to use it as leverage to ensure that Americans who were detained in Iran got home safely,” she continued. “None of that cash would be forthcoming until they got home safely.”

Sherman further explained that “the reason that it was cash is because we are not allowed to use American dollars because Iran is not allowed to use the American banking system.”

“That is something I fully support. That is something Congress supports and of course our president supports and Secretary Clinton supports.”

Sherman closed by noting that she knows “there are concerns about the optics here, but this was really very wise diplomacy on a completely separate track that would benefit American pocketbooks.”

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