WaPo Essay: White People Are ‘Oblivious,’ Should Be Excluded From Race Debate

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“White America” is indifferent to race issues, so blacks should exclude them from debates on police and racism, a Washington Post essay demanded.

The author, Zack Linly, claimed that comments from whites like “there must be more to the story” and “what about black on black crime” made him decide blacks should not talk about race with whites.

“Could it be, and I’m just spit-balling here, but could it be that white folks are … completely full of it?” Linly, who is black, wrote. “This is why I submit that black people should simply disengage with white America in discussions about race altogether.”

Whites believe the race issue is “trivial” and a contest to see who can be the most superior and disdainful. When blacks discuss it, they come from a place of genuine feelings even if their arguments lack depth, Linly alleged.

“When most white people debate the very same issues from an opposing stance, they do so from a place of perpetual obtuseness and indifference,” the article stated.

Linly also asserted that whites are upset about being the standard of “cultural normalcy” and now have to think about race. According to Linly, blacks should give them time to cry about it.

“So we need to let them cry. Let them gripe about how white is the new black…And we need to learn how to just sit our intellectual selves back and enjoy it,” Linly declared.

The article goes on to claim that blacks can fight “systematic racism” without needing any approval from whites. Blacks can shut down bridges and highways to protest police shootings and let white people complain about it.

“We can continue moving our black dollars into black banks and keeping our money in our businesses and communities. We don’t need them to ‘get it’ for us to keep fighting,” Linly said.

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