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What Does The Alt Right’s New Logo Look Like To You?

Alt Right

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I didn’t pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s speech about the “alt right,” because I didn’t have to. I know everything I need to know about those guys, after listening to them scream at me for months. I know who they are and what they’re all about. They’re welcome to it. I want no part of it.

But now, apparently, the “alt right” is considered legitimate enough to set foot in the National Press Club. Check out this announcement of an upcoming event that sounds like a lot of fun:

That is quite a special logo indeed. Let’s take a closer look:


What does that look like to you?

Here’s what I see: Two Klansmen, and one of them is leaning over and covering his mouth with his hand to tell the other one a secret. Something he’s worried about the rest of the cross-burners overhearing. “I actually like Frank Ocean’s new stuff,” perhaps. Or maybe, “I’m starting to wonder if Mister Trump will really build that wall…”

How about you? What does this terrific logo look like to you? Leave your description in the comments, where nobody will ever read it.

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Jim Treacher